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Brown Corliss Engine Co Group Forge Room: Machine Shop Steam and Gas Engines

Brown Corliss Engine Co Group Forge Room

Brown Corliss Engine Co Group Forge Room

The accompanying drawings give an outline plan and elevations of the new plant of the Brown Corliss Engine Co. The shops are located at Corliss, Wis., on the main line of the Chicago, Milwaukee 8: St. Paul Ry., and about 23 miles south of Milwaukee. The machine shop and foundry buildings run north and south, the machine shop being on the west side of the foundry, with a space of 65 feet between them. It was the company's purpose to design a plant in which a high class of engine work could be done with a minimum cost of production, and with that end in view a great deal of attention has been given to every detail covering both the arrangement of the buildings and also the type and arrangement of the tools.

The plant is located at some distance from other buildings, so that lighting conditions are practically perfect.

The machine shop and foundry are constructed of steel with brick walls. The pattern shop and the pattern storage building, offices, forge, boiler and engine rooms are also of brick.

Referring to the general plan, it will be noticed that the raw material, such as pig iron, coke, moulding sand, etc., are brought in on the east side of the foundry on the railroad siding, and is distributed into the proper bins in the storage building. Between this building and the foundry is a system of narrow gage track, which distributes the raw material to the proper point in the foundry.

The cupolas are located at the east side and at the north end of the foundry, so that when the foundry is extended the cupolas will be practically in the center of distribution.

There is a 45-foot wing on one side of the foundry, which is equipped with 15-ton cranes, having a clear lift of 18 feet under the hook. This wing will be used for the light and medium class of castings. The main portion of the foundry has a span of 70 feet and is equipped with two 30-ton electric cranes with auxiliary hoists of 5 tons capacity. These have a clear lift of 28 feet under the hooks. The foundry is no feet wide and 325 feet long.

The pattern shop and the pattern storage building are at the south end of the foundry, being 110 feet in length and 80 feet in width. The lower story will be used for the storage of large and heavy patterns. The second story is a pattern shop, and the third and fourth stories are for the storage of the medium and small size patterns. For the convenience of handling the finished patterns, a platform is extended out underneath the cranes so that the patterns can be moved from the pattern shop on this platform, from where they can be handled by the cranes in the foundry. For the convenience of handling the heavy patterns, suitable cranes are provided in the storage building.

Between the foundry and the machine shop there is a space of 65 feet, this space being served by a 30-ton electric crane, which travels the full length of the two buildings and also passes over the railroad track. This space will be used for the storage of flasks and any finished product, which it may be necessary to hold for shipment.

Brown Corliss Engine Co Group Forge Room

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