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How to Extend the Life of your TRIAD Boilers
How to Extend the Life of your TRIAD Boilers

How to Extend the Life of your TRIAD Boilers


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Every user desires to prolong the life of a unit. TRIAD assists their clients in achieving this important objective by informing them of ways they can avoid problems and showing them how to properly maintain their unit.


The main factor to consider in prolonging boiler service-life is the quality of water that circulates within the system. A closed hydronic space-heating system may only require chemical water-treatment and periodic water-quality checks, while the make-up demands of an open-steam system may require a full-water treatment process.


Naturally, it all begins with quality of the available water. We recommend having your water tested regularly to clearly assess its quality.


Sources of the Problem

Water ordinarily contains dissolved gases and minerals, particulates and organic subtances. Uncontrolled pH and dissolved oxygen can produce excessive corrosion or rusting within a system. Before long, the build-up of scale, mud, sludge and contaminants can occur at the bottom of the boiler and on the tube sheet. As the burner goes through its cycles, the efficient heating and cooling of the boiler can deteriorate due to the build-up of those contaminants, leading to hampered heat-transfer.


Monitoring temperatures of boiler heated-water will help users to immediately determine whether such problems are occurring. This will help them anticipate and avoid aggravation of the problem.


Steps to follow

Here then are a few simple steps to remember and to follow regarding this issue:

•             Effective water-treatment is a vital factor in maintaining good system-operation.

•             Clean-outs and a pro-active preventative-maintenance plan will help maintain the boiler’s cleanliness and peak performance.

•             The temperature differentials of make-up, return, and feed-water must be kept as reasonably low as possible.


Remember, every unit is a product of excellent design and proven performance. Under ideal conditions, these units will operate at peak levels. However, proper maintenance and care will add actual service-life and usefulness of the unit. Get to know your unit well and how you can have more of it.


Getting in touch with TRIAD

For more information on how to effectively maintain your unit, please contact TRIAD at the following:

TRIAD Boilers

1099 Atlantic Drive, Unit 2

West Chicago, IL 60185

Phone: (888) 526-5245

Fax: (630) 562-2800

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